WWU A Capella

WWU A Capella is an on-campus club that serves as a fun, creative outlet for students who love to sing.



On Western Washington University's campus, there is an a capella club that thrives with many talented and passionate singers. Three distinct ensembles make up the club: Major Treble, Rebel Clef and All Aboard. In the past, the club lacked consistent publicity. There was an unbalanced awareness of the three ensembles; people often only knew of one or two groups and not all three. Having different ensembles has also made it hard for people to stay updated on performances and events. The club's media content was scattered and not organized.

One club. Three ensembles. Not enough hype.


As the PR and marketing coordinator of the club for the past three years, it was my job to facilitate its public image. Aside from managing the club's social media, I also designed promotional media for the club's various events, which included posters, banners, logos, and digital signage.


I designed and developed a responsive website to organize the publicity of the club and to help encourage equal representation for each ensemble. On this website, users can access the club's information and stay updated on events and performances all in one place. My intent for the website is to appeal to its primary users: potential club members and vendors looking to book the club for events. The website is functional but also showcases the tight-knit, fun community that WWU A Capella has.

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