Sunny is an app that encourages users to engage in activities that will help them feel more positive over time.



Mental health is a worldwide stigmatized issue. People have trouble asking for help, especially at times when they need it most. Usually products and solutions made for emotional and psychological improvement can be too direct or overly associated with mental health, which can put people off from using them.


Sunny is a mobile app that encourages users to engage in activities that will make them happy and increase positivity in their lives. Over time, Sunny learns what the user prefers to do when they are in moments of emotional negativity and caters to the user's personal needs for consolation and comfort.


I distributed an anonymous survey and asked what actions people took in order to feel happier in times of distress. I wanted the app to be present for the user in the same way a person would be present for their friend when they needed them. I asked users what characteristics they liked in an ideal friend and implemented those features into the experience.

"A good friend always comes in a time of need"

- User Survey Responder


The app has a sunny disposition. The language and experience is intended to be positive and encouraging rather than overwhelming and overly clinical. The final product is a 1.5 minute long promotional motion video.