Paper vs. Pixels

Paper vs. Pixels is a social impact motion infographic that compares the environmental impact between print media and digital media.



Most people automatically assume that print media is more environmentally harmful than digital media. This, however, is just a common misconception. Essentially, both kinds of media have their negative impacts on the environment.

The bigger issue:
Making sustainable communication choices


Initially, I researched to find out if this common assumption was true. From what I gathered, I found that print and digital media both have quite a number of negative impacts on the environment. Ultimately, both forms of media need to become more sustainable. So the statement that print is more harmful that digital is not necessarily true.


I wanted to create an infographic that gave the viewer a more positive and digestible learning experience rather than bombarding them with too much information. The video should leave viewers with an awareness of environmentally sustainable communication choices. The final product is a 3 minute motion video.