HQ is a creative community platform for progressive political activism. People can access activist art and support the causes they are passionate about.



In this contemporary moment, political activism is present and encouraged. Art is one of the many forms that political activism can take. For all of human history, artistic creations have sparked social commentary, started revolutions and have continued move people across the world. So far, there are has been no precedent for a platform that gathers artwork related to many social causes together.


HQ is a U.S. based global organization that curates activist art and makes it accessible to the public. HQ creates spaces for artists and all people to come together, to celebrate activist work, and to help the progression of the social causes that are most important.


There are exhibitions and campaigns for activist art and artists. But the awareness of this content is contained in exclusive communities of people and most causes are separated. There really is no other platform that connects the general public to this kind of artwork. No other platform brings social causes together and inspires calls to action.

Users immerse themselves into two experiences:
one digital and one physical.


HQ provides a desktop and mobile app where anyone can stay updated with the social causes they support. Users will be able to see what activist artists have made historically and are making today.


HQ holds HQ Meet-Ups, which are public art and music exhibitions centered around one particular cause or a combination of a few. At Meet-Ups people can view artwork in person, experience live music, and can actively participate in a guided discussion with the artists and musicians featured.